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Morning rituals


You know how they say it about the New Year: you’ll spend it the way you meet it.  Same thing can be said about every day of your life: it’s spent the way it was started. That's why you shouldn’t wake up with a fourth ring of an alarm clock, as we often do, but with the first ray of the sun (it works for the summer period, but in the winter you shouldn’t wait for it and wake up before it).

The scientific fact: let throw a stone the one who doesn’t conduct such a dialog with himself in the morning: “I can sleep 10 minutes more”. However, when we wake up, our body begins to produce dopamine - a chemical substance, helping us overcome the feeling of drowsiness. Its effect is comparable to a cup of coffee. When we sleep, serotonin is produced - a pleasure hormone. After resetting the alarm, two hormones with the opposite action begin to be produced simultaneously. Because of this burden on the body, we wake up disoriented, inhibited and feel much worse than ten minutes earlier. Can it be any different?


For me morning is the most pleasant part of the day.

A new day is a new life. A new opportunity to do something great. To succeed more. To know more. Do more good for others. What's the secret? I just found reasons to fall in love with the morning. They consist in daily rituals, which I do immediately after awakening.

The purpose of these rituals is to awaken and cheer your body up, adjust to a positive morning wave and prepare yourself for the upcoming day.


To give you some inspiration, I share my findings with you:

1. Wake up before the alarm at 5.06, or better even earlier! (Why it is better to wake up as early as possible we’ll spell out in the article about the benefits of early wake-ups).

2. Meditation, usually ending with a spontaneous smile. 

3. Making the Decision of the Day, based on what you’re working on at the moment in your life. For example - "to be here and now", "to be aware of the feelings  and share them with the others", "mentally send love to all the surrounding people."

4. Physical exercises, the degree of complexity of which varies about what exactly the body wants today. It can be exercises as Seven, 5 Tibetans, 3 circles of Surya Namaskar or simply energetic dances.

5. Series of breathing exercises. I highly recommend the one that includes Kapalabhati + Agnisara-dhauti. Thanks to them you will arrange not only massage of internal organs, but also the brain!

6. Big glass of warm water (sometimes even two) ** and a spoon of honey. This mix helps natural cleansing of the body after sleep, promotes digestion and stimulates liver function.

7. Pouring three buckets of cold water on yourself. (For the benefits and technique of pouring water read and see here.)

8. Breakfast. Not the breakfast, when you’re rushing somewhere with one hand helping you to get into your pants, and another one pouring in you instant coffee. No. The one that is slow and healthy, to which you have specially allocated time in your new, qualitatively different life.



The total duration of the rituals is from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

That's how "monotonous and boring" I begin almost every day and I suggest you to join by making up your list of favorite morning rituals.

Try, experiment, look for something that is just right for you thanks to what you’ll love your morning to the bone.

Don’t be angry with yourself, if for some reason your morning hasn’t gone along the planned route. Accept. Hug yourself and do it differently the next day.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you to new achievements. And with the morning exercise and a healthy breakfast you will have waaaaaay more accomplishments. We guarantee this.

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