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Transforming game "Evolution"


A man is a rope stretched between an animal and a Superhuman. Which side is yours?

 We suggest you to take part in the game and check it.

During the game you ...

- bring order and create harmony in all spheres of your life

- start to do everything much more consciously

- receive a huge dose of inspiration and energy from other participants

- get at least one new useful habit

- understand what is really important in your life

- feel like a part of a team of like-minded people, who want to move forward


Of course all of this will happen only if you make enough effort. Balance and order can hardly appear by themselves =) 


Date of the next game: February 15 - March 8


Applications for the game are accepted here or here until February 13.


Values of the game





Stages of the game


1. Preparation:

Selection of the main and bonus tasks

2. Game:

Constantly during 21 days you work on the goals that you set, creating discipline and order in your head

3. Transformation:

In addition to performing your own tasks, we suggest you "play in full" and find time to work on additional tasks that will be sent every day. According to the mind of previous players these tasks strongly affect the level of awareness and life quality.   


Prizes for participants


The game ends in 21 days and the winner (or several winners) receive an invintation to a permanent group Superhuman as a gift - a community of people for whom evolution and development became not just a stage in life but a lifestyle. They communicate, share knowledge and support each other.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does the game last?

- 21 days (+1 preparation day)


2. How much time do I need to do tasks every day?

- Everything depends on the task, but we recommend allocating 1.5-2 hours every day. Remember that you invest this time in your own development


3. What happens if I won't be able to complete my main task for several days in a row? Bonus task?

- If the main task is not completed for several days, you leave the group. If you do not complete the bonus task for a few days, you can still stay in the group.


4. What will happen if in a middle of the way my goal become no longer attractive for me in?

- During the first three days you have the opportunity to check, if the goal you chose is suitable for you. In case it's not, you can consult with a tutor and change it. However before the game we recommend you think carefully about what you really want.


5. Till what time should I notify about completion of a task?

- Up to 23:59 every day.


6. What if I have a long flight?

- There are no flights longer than 20 hours, except real emergencies tasks must be completed every day.


7. Can I take a day off?

- You can take 1 day off, inform the tutor about it at least 24 hours in advance.


8. How can I notify about completion of a task?

- Reports are provided in written form in a closed group.


9. Where is the game taking place?

- The game takes place in a closed group in WhatsApp.





1. Svetlana Bocharova

Before the game I had a hard time thinking about doing the same thing day in and day out every day. The word routine was negatively coloured and meant something uninteresting, but necessary, not what I want, but what I need. Nevertheless, it was clear to me that without these actions there will be no stable result. So actually I decided to participate also because of the greater extent of the need) What happened next surprised me every day)

First, a wonderful company has gathered. When everyone started writing their goals, each of them went like: "Oh, cool, I would like it too." But for now, you need to cope with your own)

Then it turned out that it was easy and even pleasant to cope with it. From the state: "I remember that I have to do this, but I'm very busy right now, I'll do it when this, when I rest, and then I’ll do my daily goal," I went into a stage: "Oh, there are free 15 minutes , I need to do it and inform everybody sooner ", i.e. the game really started) At first I thought that the chat would be distracting and I would have to turn off the notifications. And it turned out that every message is a small victory for someone who gradually became familiar to me, and their messages were like a reminder to myself.
Then these messages began to evoke thoughts: "Cool, I can do it too." Physical exercise, reading, marking beauty around me ... Ie. each message was not only a reminder of its purpose but also an inspiration to do something else. We learned many new things: about meditation, zero waste, running and douche. The quality of life has grown imperceptibly and joyfully.

2. Veronika Zubko

What did the game give me?

Firstly, a smile on my face every time I open a group =)

Secondly, there is a feeling that cannot be described in words. When you are a part of a living right organism, in which there is a head, arms, shoulders, and everything is so harmoniously working, it is AMAZING. Because there are not always people around you who understand the importance of the issues raised and who understand that even the simplest tasks are not easily given, that randomness is not accidental, that one word can weight a ton.



3. Nina Sukhareva

The game - first of all it gave me the feeling that my way in life is true, and that in society there are much same tearing, searching, trying, mistaking, but acting and successful people - Superhuman !!! And because of all this, your goals are fulfilled easier, when you know that this goal has already been achieved by someone else.
1. I really started to appreciate myself and my life! It’s the only one.
2. Has received invaluable knowledge in unknown areas of life before.
3. Got the habit that was the main goal and acquired three more: meditation in the morning, douche and style in clothes.
4. Began to say "no" and more clearly explain my thoughts - it became the harmonious result of the game. I began to appreciate myself and listen to myself.

5. The main thing for me as for the responsible person that these changes I got relatively simply, since they were really necessary, and I just did not know, did not understand that it was real, and how to do it in my life. And the practice of other Superhuman and daily task execution made it real!!!

The experience is amazing! It reminded me of a family that looks in one direction, follows one principle, but everyone has a priority in life, which, nevertheless, makes the benefit of the whole family!!!

It is an ideal picture of any society, team, family!


4. Antonina Vasilyeva

I read that the resource of willpower in a person is limited and before the Game, I felt like I was missing this resource for developing the habit of early wake-ups. The group gives a powerful charge of energy, a focus, thanks to which you do what you did not have the strength to do before.


5. Galina Letunovich

For me, the point of this game is in four components (I wanted it beautiful, like in fairy tales - three, but no, the fourth component is important!):

- Awareness

- Responsibility

- Organization

- Veeery interesting people

From the creator of the game

Ivanna Evtukhova, entrepreneur, author of the game Evolution.

Going through my own life path and feeling more harmonious on each new turn, I noticed one simple rule: we cannot claim a happier life if we do not change ourselves.


The only possible way to make life the way we want it in our most daring dreams is to Evolve. To see what was not seen before. Try something that you have not tried before. Understand what is worth working on.


So the game Evolution was born, where in the environment of like-minded people due to:

- discipline

- awareness

- the environment

- support

we become the best version of ourselves.


The way that we go through with each group is unique, and we are doing everything possible to make it turn out to be transformative for every participant.


Perhaps it is your time to Evolve?

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