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Why do I meditate


90 minutes a day. That’s how much time I devoted to meditation on average in 2018.

It would seem that I have been sitting for an hour and a half doing nothing. Why would not I simply cleaned the flat during this time, or wiped the dust from the shelves, inquired about the health of the mother, stroked the trousers in advance? I sit. As if there are no other things to do.


In fact, I think this time is the most useful and productive. Why? Just read the story below.

The probability of states when I feel “upset”, “angry” and “sad for any reason” has been reduced to almost a zero. Now it’s really quite difficult for me to get angry at someone for a long time and strongly or suddenly fall into depression if someone is doing or saying something “unpleasant”. Through and thanks to meditation, feelings are perceived as feelings - another object of observation, which has an indirect relation to me. And vice versa. Through meditation, I discovered levels of happiness previously unknown. They are very different from sensual pleasures and open up a completely different world, which would have remained unknown without meditation.

2. What happens if discontent still arises? Often it does not cause much prolonged discomfort and passes quickly. It is just a feeling, it is temporary. Just as the mood is just a mood, and it does not affect the inner harmony. There is a feeling of the viewer watching what is happening on the screen - Oh, here's the sad melancholy came, hi buddy. I'll be watching you. What interesting stuff are you about to tell me? There is a feeling that I have an antivirus installed, which frees my body from suffering, self-digging and reproaches towards myself and other people.

3. Love and compassion. Of course, I don’t want to say that 2 years ago I was an insensitive and indifferent person (or was it?), that I didn’t love anyone or help grandmothers across the street or that I robbed children of ice cream. I did something for others, but I did it not because I wanted it, but rather because it was necessary. We must do something good, we must be good. And now sometimes I do the same, but I often observe how much the ability to empathize, support, be kind is changing and is within myself not because of what is necessary, but because there is such a wish and necessity inside me.

4. With the growth of experience and practice, the ability to notice cause-effect relationships in everything that happens is growing. Very clearly, you can track where these or other emotions, habits, mental models and their causes appear from. And not only within oneself, but also in other people. It has become much easier to make decisions. As if they wiped the windshield and now there is no need to rush from corner to corner, appealing to the sky with a request to show me the right way or make long lists, carefully weighing all the pros and cons. The solution right in front of me is clear and understandable. If it is not there, then there is an understanding that you just need to continue to observe and collect information, and after a while it will definitely appear.

5. The world is getting brighter. As if I used to live in black and white, and then someone added colors, and now there is an opportunity to see familiar things differently. Sometimes I wash dishes and think that the process of washing dishes is the best thing that has happened to me. But not because my whole life besides washing dishes is a continuous darkness and longing, but because the brain has learned to get high from small everyday things. The more I meditate, the more interesting and sensible everything around me becomes. Feelings, taste of food, communication, any daily things and events.

6. Imagine a world where you do not forget your keys, do not leave an umbrella in transport and do not lose your passport 2 days before departure. Imagined? I have not yet learned to live in such a world, but I am confidently moving in this direction. Given the fact that I used to constantly lose all the most important things at the most inopportune moment, now the situation has improved significantly.

7. The final thing is ... wrinkles. I'm not 21 anymore (of which my grandmother often reminds me) But thanks to meditation, which helps to relax the muscles of the face deeply and for a long time and notice when they tense up, I am approaching this young age tirelessly =)

I would like to cheerfully end up with something like - “I am constantly being in this blissful state”, but that would be untrue. I spend most of the time feeling like that though. There are also events and people “ideas about which in my head” make it difficult to achieve permanent Zen.

But "the road will be mastered by each person who meditates 90 minutes a day"

Or start at least with 12 minutes so that, without believing a single word that I have written here, you would succeed in making, for your own experience, even more inspiring discoveries that will radically and positively influence and change your life.

We'll talk in the next article about where and how to start the changes.

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