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From Animal to Superhuman


Out of the 100 people who will get told that in order to become healthy and happy they need to change their habits, only 10% will agree to do it.


Out of this this 10% only 30% will go to an end.

Is it the "strength" of the human spirit - 3 out of 100??? 


Just imagine how many opportunities we miss without really going till the end or sometimes even not starting to do something important for ourself?




We are ok! We just need to understand why it happens this way and learn to work on it.  Let’s give it a try.


The science of procrastination or why don’t we do what makes us happy and healthy ?


The goal of all living beings is to survive and reproduce. The brain must carry out and regulate this process. And if it regards the situation as threatening or uncomfortable, an emotional reaction is triggered, aimed at preserving our current well-being. CURRENT.

From the evolution point of view it’s correct.


Our brain is focused on short-term pleasures rather than on long-term results.

For example, we are much more comfortable laying on the couch than getting up at 6 am and jogging. The sofa is soft and nice. Running is a waste of energy and efforts. At a time when part of our brain stopped evolving, the tigers were still chasing us. And if we had made a "meaningless" run, and then the tiger really chased us, the chances of survival would have been much lower than if we were left to lie.

tiger and food.jpg

We often don’t do something necessary or important in order to avoid negative emotions - loss, feelings of guilt, fear of making a mistake, or simply foreseeing the state of discomfort.


But don’t we know, that in a long perspective the jogging is way healthier than laying on a couch?

This is where the most interesting thing lies. One part of our brain knows it (the most developed and evolved one), and another part (ancient lizard’s and monkey’s one) absolutely doesn’t care - its task to survive and reproduce. And running doesn’t help it in anyway. Moreover, it works in the totally opposite way. For example, you ate deliciously and healthy. It seems that the entire holy trinity is happy – both your internal animal and fastidious human. Idyll. But then someone brings a bag of chips to the kitchen and your hand is traitorously reaching for the harmful chips, despite the cries inside "Stop, it's harmful! You have already eaten today!"

Did you recognize yourself?


Every time we can't stop ourselves from doing something harmful and useless or delay something important and useful our primitive animal has the upper hand, despite all the golden years of evolution. 


What are we going to do with it? Consciously evolve!


Man is a rope stretched between an Animal and a Superhuman. And we always have a choice in what direction to make a step. This in my opinion is what determine the degree of human beings evolution - the ability to recognize and subdue our "Inner Animals" to "Evolved Human".


So how do we learn to do it?

Firstly, enable awareness and honestly admit ourselves, each time the animal inside is winning.

Secondly, use habits. They determine our quality of life.


40% of our daily actions are not real decisions, but the results of a habit.


Habits are the easiest tool for reprogramming our brains and training of our inner animals. At some point we begin to choose long-term use through the habits, being able to abandon the short-term temptations.


Often one "pill" is enough. In other words, sometimes we need to develop and consolidate only a single habit, to understand how this mechanism works. As soon as it happens, one morning you wake up feeling like the whole world is at your feet.

Why? Because it’s not so important what exactly you want in life – health, happiness, financial well-being.


A simple secret of changing your life is learning how to reprogram your brain.


And this is best obtained through a combination of awareness and habits. 


What exactly do we need to do in order to learn how to develop habits? We'll discuss this in the next release. Stay tuned for more!

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