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To meditate is simple


Meditation is training the mind. As well as training the body, it can pursue different goals - someone meditates to feel calmer, and someone - to achieve global goals such as enlightenment or the salvation of mankind. Therefore, the first step, from which I would start, is to search for an answer to the following question:



Why do you plan to meditate?

What do you plan to create in the process and what results do you expect from the practice?

My motivation:

- greater understanding of myself

- an opportunity to see things as they are through meditation, and not to live in a world of illusions

- the opportunity to become happier and more relaxed

- an opportunity to see the main things and concentrate on them

- the ability to cultivate the good and noble qualities of the mind and gradually eradicate the negative ones

Something sounds familiar or attractive?

Then let's get started!



You can analyze different types of meditation for a long time, select the perfect pad for yourself, read dozens of books, wait for a Kathmandu or wait until retrograde Jupiter meets with forward Mercury, only after which you will have the confidence to finally do it. And what if you just start?

The most difficult thing in meditation is to sit down. On a mat, a pillow for meditation, or just on a chair - it doesn't matter at all. Just do this by starting to learn the simplest meditation consisting of several steps.

A. I sit down comfortably with the straight back

B. I close my eyes

C. I remember the intention (why?)

D. I am relaxing

E. I am focusing on the breath

F. I observe how I breathe and try to concentrate only on breathing.

There are too many thoughts in the head? They jump like wild antelopes? It seems that there is no success in anything here?

It's OK. That's the whole thing. Just get the attention back and start again.

Dan Harris has made wonderful funny cartoons for you (the first, second) - watch, smile and start meditating!

And how much to sit like that?

You can start from 12 minutes and gradually, as soon as you get comfortable, move on to longer meditations.


Have you started meditating or something like that? Wonderful! Let's now see what information will help us progress further:


Of all the applications I have studied, I like 10% Happier (Google Play, AppStore) the most.

In this application you will find both very useful theoretical information and the meditations themselves.

Download. Use. Enjoy.


To form the right attitude to the practice, I would advise you to start with the following books of Burmese teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya:

Don’t look down on the Defilements

Awareness alone is not enough

Just for God's sake, I beg you, do not read Sayadaw U Tejaniya's books in Russian! You will rather get confused and you will not understand anything.


My favorite podcast about meditation and its usefulness is Sam Harris and Joseph Goldstein's 63rd dialogue. I love it very much and recommend it for sure

+ all podcasts by Anthony Markwell

There are many of them, so that's enough for the next 2-3 months, and then you can write to me, I will recommend something else



When you begin to meditate, you may feel something very unusual for the first week or two, but then these states will disappear. Do not try to get them back, just keep meditating and do not expect anything. The results will definitely come by, but do not strive to get them at all costs. Remember, that

The path is a result, and the result is a path.

The most important thing, I would say the key one on this path, is continuity. Make it a rule to meditate for at least 1 minute a day and under no circumstances miss this minute! After a while, you will realize that this minute (I hope quietly that you can find at least 2) is the most valuable and useful minute in your day, week, and life.

If you got any questions - please write them in the comments below and we'll be truly happy to answer them!

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