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How and what for we should take cold showers


Out of all the rituals that have become common for me, the greatest rating is, by surprise, traditionally gaining dousing buckets of cold water.

How it all began?

One day my grandmother suggested that I start dousing buckets of cold water. For some reason it seemed interesting and quite natural. Buckets. Cold water. Why not? (Why 3 and why cold, it was not important at that time).

Less than half a year of regular douches I almost stopped getting ill. Now the maximum ailment that can get to me is a running nose once a year, which, as for me, is an excellent result. In addition, after dousing, you feel like a rocket, which immediately needs to go to the Space, because the Earth is not enough for you anymore.

How it works for our body: It turns out that after dousing the skin thermal receptors are triggered, and the body temperature increases to 40 degrees, but very quickly comes back to normal again. Almost all harmful bacteria perish in this body for a while.

But this procedure is not only noteworthy because of this:

1. Cold water perfectly stimulates the hypothalamus. This small, but very important gland. It is responsible for the harmonious work of internal organs and human systems.

2. This method "launches" the work of the whole organism with a new force. Blood begins to move violently along the vessels, washing away slugs and unnecessary toxins.

3. Cold water affects active biological dots no worse than acupuncture.

4. After dousing, the vessels narrow, then expand, and the blood rushes to all internal organs with renewed vigor. There is a sharp saturation of useful substances and oxygen going on in them.

5. It turns out that this is a great way to lose weight. Because of the acceleration of metabolic processes throughout the body, subcutaneous fat is burned faster.

6. This is the most affordable and cheap way to rejuvenate the body, "wake it up". Don’t doubt this, the benefits of dousing with cold water are not exaggerated. Millions of people have already proved this by their example and well-being.

However, it is worth remembering that, like any procedure, douches with cold water have contraindications:

1. Girls should refrain from dousing with cold water during the first three days of the cycle

2. It is necessary to refrain from treating current diseases with cold water

3. High and low blood pressure

4. Skin diseases

5. Personal intolerance

The technique of dousing is very important! Do the following:

1. Firstly, look for 3 8-10 liter buckets at home. This is quite a challenge; I can say with a 90% probability that you will not have three buckets at home. Therefore, pay a visit to your neighbors, call friends. Your goal is 3 buckets and their absence is not a reason to reduce the number of liters of water that you pour on yourself.

2. Pour cold water in buckets.

3. It is very important to raise the bucket correctly: sit down as if on a chair and only after that overturn a bucket on yourself. You must protect our back!

4. It is important to develop a good speed and pour cold water on yourself with a minimum break. One bucket was poured out - grab another one.

5. After all 3 buckets are empty, don’t try to immediately grab a towel. Relish the moment.

Now I'll tell you tips & tricks that can help you:

1. Before pouring water on yourself, try to get used to it. Stand with your feet in the buckets (you can use 2 of 3, although if you can stand in all 3 at the same time, then send us a photo)

2. The first bucket can be a little warmer than others, so that the body wouldn’t be so shocked from the start.

3. Use shower cap 

And just douse!

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