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5 steps to build a New Habit


Character is forged in the constant pursuit of perfection. In the previous article, we have discussed why not our entire brain supports this conclusion and resists the transformation from Animal into the Superhuman.

But do we want to follow the call of our ancestors or do we choose Evolution?

What we intend to create as a result of our own lives:

- echoes of mediocrity in the lazy attire of missed opportunities

- a bright and happy melody of the realized person, played as perfectly as possible?


The choice is always our responsibility and for those who are ready for challenge and who choose second option, I have two tools:

The first is awareness. Someday on the pages of Staterra we will dive deeply into this subject from a scientific point of view. But not today.

The second is the ability to develop right habits.

Why do I focus my attention on this so much? Because habits and discipline are the basis of the basics. This is the basis on which you, in a consequence, can build everything you want and live as you want.

Habits define our life much more than we believe - they are so strong that they can make our brains follow them even contrary to common sense.

That's why we need cool habits so much. How are they produced? Read below =)

5 steps of developing a new habit 

1. CREATE a habit that you want to work out in yourself. Perhaps it is the antipode of a bad habit you already have. For example, you want to start running in the morning, instead of being a coach potato till noon.

2. WRITE DOWN the use of the new habit. Print and hang it somewhere in a conspicuous place. Visualize or even pronounce the final result out loud, which you will receive as a result of a new habit. If it's a run, then this is a healthy and beautiful body, endorphins, a healthy appearance, a great mood and so on.

3. PRACTICE every day without exception. Decide how much minimum, optimum and maximum time you will devote to a new habit every day. Assign a time and a certain sign by which you will perform the planned action. For example, this could be the morning, and the sign can serve as a folded and ready to run sportswear right next to your bed, or running shoes on the next pillow =) Set the DDL time to which everything should be done. If by this time you have not coped, give up what you are doing and get to work.

4. SUPPORT yourself and others until the habit is fixed. Find a person who you will report to on your performance of everyday action to develop a habit and that will help you along the way. When it’s done write something like: "Bob, running is done." Bob is happy, and you even more. It will be great if Bob will also have some habit on which he works. Remember, the habit is not necessarily produced in 21 days, especially if you have had a completely different lifestyle for the previous 35 years. The indicator of habit formation is that you carry out the planned action automatically and your brain even asks you to some extent "Let's run, m?"

5. CELEBRATE! Assign a reward on the completion of action. Ran - eat something yummy, make a selfie and upload it to social network, kiss yourself in the shoulders or pull the tail of your beloved cat. Celebrate your small victories and each time, without exception, reinforce them positively. For the brain training it is the most important point - it should associate your "fixing" habit actions with something positive.


These steps were developed as a result of a thorough research of discipline and habits, several books and many articles that were studied, and what is the most important - personal experience. 

Very very veeeeeeryyy important moment

If you decided to develop a new habit, your task is to carry out actions aimed at fixing it, every day without exception, until the habit takes roots. Our cunning brain is able to find 1000 excuses why it’s not necessary to do.

Well, think about one day I'll miss. The world won’t fail ... Can I?

NO! You can’t. Then you will need to start everything from the very beginning again.

The danger of falling back is especially great with increasing stress or a sudden crisis.

Be careful! Hold on!

Remember that character is forged in the constant pursuit of perfection.

You will have times of decline, when the desired action will seem complicated, almost impossible. There will be times of ascent, when you yourself will look forward to the opportunity to do that was planned. The path will be very exciting and diverse. Your task, no matter what, is just do it! Every day! Little by little, minute by minute, but do.

Observe and understand how you evolve and become the master of your own life. How much joy, confidence and strength appears inside yourself! Sooner or later there comes a time when everything starts to happen by itself. As if without your participation. Congratulations, the habit is worked out. Enjoy the product of your work and keep moving forward!

Be successful, my beloved Superhumans =)

I'm sure you'll be able to find and choose the best thing to get used to.

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