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11 reasons why


We’ll be talking about the benefits of early get ups until the last owl on the earth turns into a lark.

 In this article we’ll cover 11 scientific facts why you should still wake up before the dawn.

1.More successful career is waiting for you. Well, "waiting" is, of course said figuratively. You still have to work hard to succeed, but early start of the day is here to help you! And these are not empty words. Harward Business Review published a report made by a biologist Christoph Randler, in which he says that people whose hours of activity fall in the morning usually occupy higher positions than those who are active in the evening.


2."Evening" people tend to procrastinate more. This is confirmed by the DePaul University study. And procrastination, as you know, has never led to the good.

3.The health condition of early birds is usually much better than those who like to sleep till the noon, even if the mentioned ones are younger. Surprising, but true! Chek it out!

4.In a study published in 2012 in "Emotions" it is reported that "morning" people are more inclined to positive thinking. Scientists attribute this to the peculiarities of the circadian rhythm. Do you often feel blue? Take a note.

5.According to Fast Co Design, lovers of early get ups are more resolute, active and ready for cooperation. A good set of qualities to achieve everything, isn’t it?

6.As we mentioned earlier, the habit of setting up the 6 alarm clocks and sleeping in breaks between them causes a feeling of fatigue even after sleep. So from now on, we get up on the first bell of the alarm clock!

7.It’s scientifically proven that people who plan their businesses for the evening are more prone to depression than those who do everything planned in the morning.

8.Waking up early, you get a gift (from yourself) - time to do what you really love. Have you wanted to draw for a long time? To learn foreign languages? Read more? Set an alarm an hour earlier tomorrow, and you will finally have this opportunity.

9.Have you been trying to quit smoking for a long time? Get up early. In 2014, it was found out that owls are more susceptible to bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol.

10.Scientists of the University of London have proved that people who get up before 7 am feel more calm and relaxed. So forget about pills and start to wake up early.

11.Finally, we left the most shocking (and enjoyable) for the end. If you want to lose a couple of kilos, reset your alarm clock. Scientists have proved that "larks" tend to have a smaller body mass index. Isn't it lovely?!



To consolidate your intention to get up early for good and all, we publish a list of the rich and successful ones. And guess what? They get up early!

1.       His Holiness Dalai Lama 3:00

2.       Tim Kook (Apple CEO) 3:45

3.       Ursula Burns (Xerox CEO) 5:15

4.       Jeff Immelt (GE CEO) 5:30

5.       Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo CEO) 4:00

6.       Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Scuare CEO) 5:30

7.       Sergio Marchionne (Fiat Chrysler CEO) 3:30

8.       Richard Branson (Virgin Group founder and chairman) 5:45

9.       Mary Barra (General Motors CEO) 6:00 already at the office

10.   Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO) 6: already at the office

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