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Sleep for life or life for sleep

If every day you spend in the hope of generating a brilliant idea, but it never happens then we have a solution for you. Elias Howe said that the invention of a sewing machine was associated with a nightmare, in which he was attacked by cannibals armed with spears in the shape of a sewing needle, which he subsequently invented. So we go to bed and prepare to see something magical. But seriously, do we understand how much sleep is important for our body? Do we know how much should we sleep? Or maybe not to sleep at all? These and many other questions will be answered in our today's article.

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11 reasons why

We’ll be talking about the benefits of early get ups until the last owl on the earth turns into a lark.

 In this article we’ll cover 11 scientific facts why you should still wake up before the dawn.

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Morning rituals

You know how they say it about the New Year: you’ll spend it the way you meet it.  Same thing can be said about every day of your life: it’s spent the way it was started.

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Habits of successful people

What determines success in life? What determines wherever you become Steve Jobs or Anna Wintour (or whoever your inspirers are)? Easy as it is - success in life depends on our actions. 

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How and what for we should take cold showers

Out of all the rituals that have become common for me, the greatest rating is, by surprise, traditionally gaining dousing buckets of cold water.

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5 steps to build a New Habit

Habits define our life in much more extent that we could even imagine – they are so strong, so they can make our brains follow them even when it’s against common sense.

That’s why we need awesome habits so much. How work them out? Read below.

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From Animal to Superhuman

Out of the 100 people who will get told that in order to become healthy and happy they need to change their habits, only 10% will agree to do it.


Out of this this 10% only 30% will go to an end.

Is it the "strength" of the human spirit - 3 out of 100??? 


Just imagine how many opportunities we miss without bringing the case to the end or sometimes we don’t even start to do something important or useful.


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