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Hi there,

We are Supertribe, a group of folks living in different countries who have come together to grow, dream and do something good to other people and planet. 

Almost every Supertribe member has her or his own business, family and a million things to do. Despite this, many of us meditate 2 hours a day, grate some probiotic cabbage and make 116 squats. 
We know how to be disciplined and happy at the same time! 

We spend amazing time together.
In our online group we share "silent knowledge" that you cannot find using the function OK, Google. As a real tribe we also support each other in our joys and sorrows.

We often create offline projects and we gather together for the events in different countries to discuss and learn about the most interesting topics such as Meditation, Neuroscience, Longevity, Happiness and Consciousness.  

We believe that self-development is the most exciting life-long adventure. Through the power of taking small steps, we develop, create and, by combining our knowledge and aspirations with other Super people, we intended to create better future for all living beings. 

Ivanna Evtukhova

The soul and engine of the Super people community, author of the Evolution games and the Course of Awareness


• I fall asleep on pins and needles, listening to Sam Harris podcasts

• sometimes I live in monasteries, but more often in Phangan, Moscow and California

• I'm experiencing all the available techniques of enlightenment

• for lovers of serious information - I have opened and successfully managed a business for 5 years, I'm a certified coach and yoga teacher


Irina Shiyan

Financial and business analyst


• I'm fond of management, leadership and psychology, especially in the business environment

• I've never believed in coaches, until I had to deal with them

• I was born beyond the Arctic Circle

• I've lived in 4 countries

• I'm afraid to fly


Svetlana Bocharova



• I work with classical stylistics as well as with psychological and coaching techniques

• I'm most interested in metamorphoses not so much external as internal ones

• I promote and practice mindfulness in a style, I'm constantly learning, meditating, fasting, practicing resilience to cold, traveling, raising my son, I love my husband, too

• I've lived in Thailand 5 years


Ninel Sukhareva

Supervisor and Coordinator


  • I know a lot about sports

• I'm an instructor of Theta Healing

• I'm an active traveler

• I listen to myself and live in a harmony with my inner self


Veronica Zubko


• I'm working on Slow Simple Life

• I'm naturally depending on travels

• I love art (in my house I have a small collection of modern art, which is growing)

• I have a very strong empathy, I literally feel people


Olga Taranova

Architect and Designer


• I dive at 30m deep and I hold my breath for 4.5 minutes

• I'm the winner of the first game "Evolution"


Daria Nikitina

Entrepreneur and mother of eight-year-old Miroslav


• a tireless explorer of human joy and goodness

• I've been living in Mexico for 10 years

• I periodically communicate with local celebrities (producers and musicians), without having a clue who they are

• I'm interested in yoga and spiritual practices, sexuality and self-improvement



Triathlete and entrepreneur


Elena Amelina

Entrepreneur, an experimenter and an optimist


• I believe that everyone needs to find what s/he loves the most

• I'm an entrepreneur and co-founder of a shop, food production area, online supplies, warehousing outsourcing services, and a start-up in online education

• I had an oncology history with a good ending.

• I love entrepreneurs and creators

• I've lived all my life in St. Petersburg

• I consider marriage to have been the best step in my life


Dmitry Golovashchenko

Property manager, investor, business coach, triathlete, a happy family man


• I changed my work as a hired specialist to running a business and to leadership of a real estate startup

• I created from scratch several own profitable real estate objects and now I help others to do it

• From a shy person I've turned into a confident public business coach

• I try to keep a harmony between all spheres of life: my family, career, sports, creativity and others


Ekaterina Khaletskaya

Impact entrepreneur


• in 2014, together with partners, I founded the Impact Hub in Moscow, a platform for impact entrepreneurs, now I develop it, and this business remains an important part of my life

• I studied to become a teacher of Iyengar yoga, now I study for my own pleasure, and I still go to dance in the style of 5 rhythms

• Besides Russia, I've worked in Pakistan, Oman and the Netherlands, once I knew Urdu and a little Arabic, but I forgot them without practice


Lena Zaitseva

An important bee in Beelab, music lover without too much strain and green food


• I save the environment on all days of the week

• I speak with my eyes, gestures and constantly, yet unsuccessfully, try to improve my English

• My favorite phrase: "Let's go google it"

 • In my whole life I've watched 3 series, but in every life situation I manage to draw a parallel with one of the series or scenes from these series


Antonina Vasilyeva

Head of the Customer Service


  • I love foreign languages, other cultures, traveling, chatting with friends from different countries
  • By education I'm a philologist, teacher and translator of the English language. For several years I've taught English in Turkey.
  • I'm energetic thanks to doing sports: jogging, swimming, skiing
  • I like to explore, therefore I constantly study something new: management, Sinology, vector psychology, meditation, qigong and much more.
  • I implement the habit of conscious consumption in my life


Aigul Safiullina

Circular economy officer


After 6 years of climbing the Alps and reporting from the hot spots of Argentina and South America I moved to Hong Kong to develop startups in Asia, to run in the mountains and learn to live almost without leaving any garbage (Zero Waste)


Anastasia Safronova

The community energy source and inspiration


• I supervise the Evolution game and fill our website with useful information.

• I do everything at once, not leaving anything for later

• I know everything about immortality and confidently move towards it

• I instill my energy in my loved ones and in everyone who's within a radius of two meters.

• I constantly live in Dubai


Lida Karaseva

Creator of the technological progress


• I'm a specialist in cloud technologies, big data, promoting the technological progress and making it real

• I'm fond of kitesurfing, foreign languages, contemporary dance, pencil drawing, traveling to Africa

• I live in France

• Currently - I'm a young mother of a charming trilingual daughter